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Name: Delicpol Party Jaffa: Apricot ✿ Strawberry ✿ Apple Pie

Website: range pageApricotStrawberry

Info: jaffa cakesapple pie

Packaging: really tempting.

Smell & appearance: fruity, nice apricot; cake; faint cocoa, gets stronger once biting in ✿ fruity strawberry ✿ strongest; very nice cinnamon and apple.

Taste & texture: thin, fast and nice melting chocolate layer; its cocoa taste balances the sweetness of the jelly; sweet, fruity, jelly, nice taste overall, but a bit chewy; nice-tasting, but slightly dry cake ✿ same, just with fainter strawberry ✿ strongest flavour in the jelly, but also sweet and the rest is almost same; the cake part is a bit softer here though; my favourite.

Bought on: August 13, 2012

From: Profi

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